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In Plain Sight
Young Creatives

As part of our In Plain Sight project, Heifer is working with young people in the LGBTQIA+ community to increase wellbeing through building networks, increasing understanding of LGBTQIA+ history and being physically active. 

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Young Creatives 2022

Last summer, Heifer Productions worked with seven Young Creatives to help bring In Plain Sight: A Story of Gwen Lally to life. 


For three weeks during summer, our Young Creatives worked with a professional designer and director to research queer history, Bradford's history cultural revolutions and pageantry. The result was a ten-minute performance written entirely by the young people about the moments in history that they cared about most. 


The performance explored suffragettes of the early twentieth century, the punk movement and the first pride. The piece celebrated people whose actions changed our world culturally and politically and was their version of a modern day mini pageant. 


Workshops were held at the National Science and Media Museum and were totally free to attend. 


Follow on workshops were held in 2023 at Kala Sangam, Bradford, to get the script ready to be accessioned to the local library and add an extra filmed scene to the performance.  

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