In Plain Sight: A Story of Gwen Lally

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The story so far

In 2019, Heifer Productions was awarded £500 to research and develop the rumblings of an idea. After listening to an English Heritage podcast in which Josie Long explored the work of Gwen Lally, Heifer's Artistic Director wanted to find out more. On approaching playwright, Sam Chittenden, the two of them joined forces to create In Plain Sight: A Story of Gwen Lally. Initially funded by the Director's Cut Theatre Company in London, Heifer Productions was then supported by Bradford Council to continue the research, resulting in a thirty minute film. 

Fast forward three years and we are ready to take the project to the next step. 

With the kind support of Awards for All, Heifer Productions will be running LGBTQIA+ workshops with young people this summer to continue researching the fascinating Gwen Lally and discover Bradford's LGBTQIA+ past. 


Together with a professional cast, we will develop what was thirty minute film into a one hour play which delves into Bradford's historic pageants, the history of the city's LGBTQIA+ community and celebrate individuality across the board. 

Join in! 

This summer, we are running workshops for LGBTQIA+ 16-25 year olds in central Bradford. Join us for six workshops exploring our identity through theatre and fashion. Together, we will make the final ten minutes of the play In Plain Sight to be performed with professional actors in Bradford and Leeds.

For more info and to sign up, get in touch! 

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